How Do You Know If Your Light Switch Is Bad?

Light switchHow Do You Know If Your Light Switch Is Bad?

Light switches are easy to take for granted. They can last for years, reliably flipping your lights on or off. However, light switches don’t last forever. Here are some ways you can tell if your light switch is bad. If you notice any of these changes in your light switches then it is time to contact an electrician in Little Rock AR.


If a light switch is warm to the touch, then it is time to replace it. While a dimmer knob may be slightly warm if it’s been on for a while, a standard flip switch should never be warm to the touch. A warm light switch could be an indicator of a short circuit or loose wiring, which can be very hazardous.


A properly working light switch should be silent. If you notice that your light switch begins making any strange noises, such as pops or clicks, then it is time to start looking for electricians in Little Rock.

Flickering or Delayed Light

A light that doesn’t turn on immediately or flickers before coming on, is a sign that the connection needed for that light is failing. Even if this is only happening occasionally, it is still a sign that you should contact an electrician about replacing that light switch.


A small spark when you flip the light switch off can be a clear sign that it is time for a new switch. This is especially true if you hear a cracking noise, notice smoke or scorch marks. Those are sure indications that the connections in that light switch are being pulled away from each other.

If you notice any of these signs when switching the lights on or off in your house, then you should definitely contact an electrician in Little Rock AR. It can be tempting to try to DIY a light switch replacement. However, as with any electrical project, it is always better to have a trained and licensed professional handle these repairs.

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