Is Your Outlet Not Working? | When to Call an Electrician

Electrical outlet smoking

Any electrical issue could potentially be dangerous if you are not familiar with that line of work. For this reason, a qualified electrician in Little Rock, AR, can provide your home with quality repair services, and make sure that everything is working properly. An outlet that is not working might seem harmless, but that is not always the case. Any outlet with an electrical current flowing can be hazardous if it is not functioning properly.

Outlet Not Working

The best time to call a residential electrician in Little Rock AR is at the first sign of a problem. An outlet that is not working is still alive and capable of causing physical and structural damage. Never assume that an outlet is harmless because it does not work. There could be loose wires or a connection problem, that are not externally visible. Non-working outlets signify that something is wrong. Safety should always come first. If you notice a problem with an outlet in your home, you should get it looked at by a professional right away.

Sparks or Smoke

Where sparks are, fires are sure to follow. Sparks that come out of an outlet indicate serious issues that need immediate repair. Plugging in a device to check the flow of current is not recommended, as it can cause severe shock or electrocution. Smoke is also a major warning sign that something is wrong with the outlet. An outlet should never spark or smoke.  There could be corroded plugs, bad wiring, or an overload. Play it safe and call some of the finest Little Rock electricians in AR.

Burnt or Melted Outlet Plate

Seeing burnt or charred residue on an electrical outlet is not a good sign. The sign of burnt residue indicates that the outlet is shooting out sparks that can easily result in a fire under the right conditions. Plugging anything into a non-working outlet or one that is sparking could not only damage the device or appliance, but also endanger you and your family.

Call Our Little Rock Electricians for First Class Electrical Service and Repair

Never assume that a non-working electrical outlet is a dead outlet. Erroneous assumptions can cause both physical and property damage. Do not take chances on assumptions. Get the electrical facts about the hazards of non-working outlets from a professional residential electrician in Little Rock AR.

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